Intrack TL90IT series 15W-30W ,Compact design

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Driver-in-track spotlight family ,Power range 15W-40W with dipswitch ,1500-4500lm.
High efficiency Bridgelux COB Module ,154lm/W ,system efficiency 100-130lm/W with high efficiency reflectors.
1)Adapter with integrated dimmable LED-Driver (DALI-2) and individual setting of output current via dipswitch.
2)The latest in-track driver series combines driver and adapter in one compact housing, which can be directly integrated into the track,
making for an extremely pared-back spotlight design.
3)Driver in one compact adaptor housing instead of built in aluminum housing,the ambient temperaturewill be much lower,
it is also an improvement of driver lifespan.
4)Low down maintenence cost,easy and fast to change the failed components.


 Housing materials

ADC12 Die cast aluminum



 Housing color

Black, White, Silver

 Light source



Warm white, neutral white, cool white





 Luminous efficiency

90-120lm/W @CRI80;

 Beam angle 

15°, 24°, 38°, 60°


Continuous 350° rotation and 90° titable






DALI, TRIAC, 0/1-10V, DMX, RF, ZigBee


PF>0.95 flicker-free isolated constant current driver

Track adapter

1/3 phase universal adapter


3-5 years

Model No. CCT CRI LED Power System Power LED Output System Output
TL90IT10W 2700K CRI97/90/80 12.5W 15W 1750LM 1500LM
TL90IT20W 3000K CRI97/90/80 18W 20W 2400LM 2000LM
TL90IT20W 4000K CRI97/90/80 22.5W 25W 3000LM 2500LM
TL90IT30W 3000K CRI97/90/80 27W 30.5W 3600LM 3000LM
TL90IT35W 4000K CRI97/90/80 29.5W 34.5W 3900LM 3400LM
TL90IT40W 5000K CRI97/90/80 34.5W 39.5W 4600LM 3900LM
TL90IT45W 6000K CRI97/90/80 38.8W 43.5W 5200LM 4400LM